What is the Aid to the Most Deprived?

Activities aimed at providing aid to the most deprived in our society are funded by the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, through the Food and/or Basic Material Assistance Programme.

Funding for Providing Aid for the Most Deprived: 26.7 million euro from the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived.

National Availability of Food

What kind of support is provided?

The focus of the fund will be on those on the margins of society in need of essential supports. It will ensure a reliable supply of food to the charitable sector over the life of the Programme, with approved organisations collecting food produce from three regional hubs in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

Food will be made available to all eligible organisations from an approved food schedule compiled by the Department of Social Protection following consultation with the charitable sector. The food items consist of basic, non-perishable foods which are easy to transport and store.

To access this operation an organisation should send this form to fead@welfare.ie

This is the process for organisations joining the operation for the national availability of food:

FEAD Process Flow
In addition to this operation Department of Social Protection will accept FEAD applications for other food and basic material assistance operations (applications can be made on the this form)

We have collected frequently answered questions about the Programme, visit this page to see them.

Which Funds invest in Aid to the Most Deprived?

Funding for Aid to the Most Deprived is co-funded by the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived. To learn more about that fund, follow the tile below: