What is the National Broadband Plan?

The National Broadband Plan is supported under this investment area and is a national project aiming to provide high-speed broadband access to all citizens and businesses. This means that a minimum speed of 30Mbps should be made available to all premises in unserved areas of the country.

International studies show that SMEs with a strong web presence grow twice as quickly, export twice as much and create twice as many jobs as those with a minimal web presence. High-speed broadband connectivity is therefore critically important for business growth and development.

Efficient broadband is important for education, entertainment, business, eHealth and eGovernment and is increasingly used as a simple and effective way of communication. It is also essential to more flexible work patterns which can reduce operating costs for commercial and public sector organisations.

To learn about this type of investment in previous programmes, read this case study below.

Funding for Broadband for All: 60 million euro from the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme, and 90 million euro from the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme.

National Broadband Plan

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European Regional Development Fund

The nationwide plan is being funded by a combination of private and public sector sources. Funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds makes up part of the public funding allocated for the plan.

This European Regional Development Fund funding will be used to support parts of the wider plan

The two Regional Operational Programmes will provide funding, split evenly between funding from the European Union and the Irish Government, for the National Broadband Plan

Which Funds invest in the National Broadband Plan?

The European Regional Development Fund invests in the National Broadband Plan. Click on these tiles to explore the other investments made by each of the Programmes supported by that Fund.