What is the LEADER Programme?

LEADER is a Programme that is co-funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with €250 Million provided under the Rural Development Programme.

LEADER supports both private enterprise and community groups in delivering projects aimed at improving the quality of life in rural areas and encouraging the diversification of economic activity in rural areas. Funding is delivered through Local Action Groups in line with the Local Development Strategies that are developed by each Local Action Groups in respect of the 28 sub-regional areas in Ireland.

The Local Action Group selects projects for funding based on the objectives outlined in each individual strategy. These objectives come within a range of defined themes that include enterprise development and job creation, the development of rural towns, social inclusion and the environment.

To find out more about the LEADER Programme and find your Local Action Group, go to the LEADER Homepage.

Examples of LEADER Programme Projects

Solas na Mara

Sólás na Mara

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

Sólás na Mara provides a seaweed bathhouse accompanied by ancillary services including massage, physical therapy, acupuncture and aromatherapy.

Sólás na Mara has succeeded in establishing a niche service in a rural community, availing of seawater and seaweed as a readily available natural resource.

Find out more on its website.

Tipperary New Entrepreneur Competition

Tipperary New Entrepreneur Competition

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

South Tipperary Development Company has worked extensively on developing the enterprise sector and in fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship in the county through a series of projects funded under the LEADER Rural Development Programme 2007-2013

The Development Company introduced an Entrepreneurship Competition to help long-term unemployed locals test a business idea and gain training.

Tipperary New Entrepreneur Competition

Dunmore Adventure Centre

Dunmore East Adventure Centre

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

This family-owned initiative benefited from funding under the 2007-2013 LEADER Programme.

In 2013, the the three beneficiaries applied for funding under the LEADER Programme to enhance the existing adventure centre by providing new innovative activities that were not available in Ireland, including an aqua park and a team building zone.

For more information, visit Dunmore Adventure Centre’s website.

Which Funds invest in the LEADER Programme?

The LEADER Programme receives support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Click on the Tile below to explore the other initiatives that fund supports.