What is Research and Innovation?

Under the European Structural and Investment Funds, Research and Innovation is supported by two funds: the European Regional Development Fund and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

These funds support three programmes. The European Regional Development Fund supports the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme and the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme. The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development supports the Rural Development Programme.

The projects that support Research and Innovation include the knowledge transfer groups that help farmers share innovative practices, research by Ireland’s Institutes of Higher Education, and commercialisation of research with partners in the Private Sector. For one example of a project that benefitted in the past in each of the Regions, please read these case studies:

Funding for Research and Innovation: 52 million euro from the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme, and 28 million euro from the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme.

Examples of Research and Innovation Projects

Scientist in a Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre

Science Foundation Ireland Research Centres

European Regional Development Fund

We co-fund grants for 5 Research Centres in Ireland. These are managed by Science Foundation Ireland who are currently supporting 12 Research Centres around the country, and European funding will be used to co-fund this initiative.

For details of this scheme, please take a look at the Science Foundation Ireland website.

Louisburg, Co. Mayo

Knowledge Transfer Programme

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The Knowledge Transfer Programme helps farmers to deal with complex issues relating to farm management. Farmers will attend group meetings facilitated by qualified advisors. The goal of these group meetings is for farmers to build capacity in a group environment, and to encourage the transfer and exchange of information and best practice.

For more details about the Knowledge Transfer Programme, please visit the Department of Agriculture’s website.

Louisburg, Co. Mayo

Rubicon Centre

Commercialisation Fund

European Regional Development Fund

Implemented by Enterprise Ireland, this scheme provides grants to researchers who want to bring their research to market, or to help industry bring a new idea to market.

Researchers in third level institutes and non-profit agencies in Ireland are eligible to apply.

For more detail on this scheme, visit the Enterprise Ireland website.

Which Funds invest in Research and Innovation?

Each of the Funds below invests in Research and Innovation. Click on these tiles to explore the other investments made by each Fund.