What is the Youth Employment Initiative?

The Youth Employment Initiative is a financial resource that provides funding to complement the European Social Fund. It is aimed at reducing youth unemployment, by helping young people access the labour market.

The Youth Employment Initiative provides €68.1 Million in funding for projects, with the European Social Fund and the Irish Government both providing matching funding.

Funding for the Youth Employment Initiative: 204.4 million euro from the Programme for Employability.

Examples of Youth Employment Initiative Projects

SICAP: Youth Employment Initiative

Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme

European Social Fund

This Programme aims to improve the life chances and opportunities of those who are marginalised in society through targeted supports at a local level.

To learn about the impact this Programme can have on someone’s life, read the case study on the Programme. Further information about the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme can be found here.

Tús in South Tipperary


European Social Fund

Tús provides an opportunity to the unemployed to take up work placements in their communities. It aims to break the cycle of unemployment by improving work readiness, skills development and employability. Tús provides participants with employment related experience while also giving them an opportunity to experience different work environments.

Further information on Tús can be found here.

Tús in South Tipperary

Youthreach Buncrana


European Social Fund

Youthreach is a programme of second-chance education, aimed at early school leavers between 15 and 20. Youthreach centres around the country run courses that provide young people with an opportunity to find options for them to fulfil their potential.

Please visit the Youthreach website for more details.

Which Funds invest in the Youth Employment Initiative?

The European Social Fund invests in the Youth Employment Initiative. Learn more about the European Social Fund by clicking on the tile below.